JDC West – Summer Prep

Want to be apart of Sauder’s JDC West team this year?  To get started on the process, visit the Summer Prep portion of Sauder’s JDC West website. With the application process so competitive, this is your way to get ready – its highly recommended you stay on top of the readings and make note of what classes to register for! Be sure to read more about the competition on the website as well as be aware of key dates.

As the home team for JDC West 2013, its going to be even more of an epic experience – filled with human tunnels, school cheers, swag swapping and as always, at the heart of it being apart of a team, a family.


Make sure to check our Facebook page as well:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sauder-JDC-West/119238971500458