JDC West 2013 Organizing Committee

Hey Sauder,

Heard of JDC West? ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mjDscpNsrM ) JDC West is Canada”s largest student run business event and it has been a huge part in the lives of Sauder students for 7 years now. In January 2013 it will be coming “home” and will be hosted at Sauder for the first time in 6 years. The JDC West Organizing committee is now hiring for its executive positions. Are you interested in JDC West? Are you interested in creating the best event that Western Canada has ever seen? If so we want you on the JDC West OC!

To apply please fill out the application form: http://tinyurl.com/6mvccp8 (link may be broken, will be fixed shortly) and email your resume to both Pia (p.ghosh@jdcwest.com ) and Andy ( a.nesta@jdcwest.com )

All applications are due February 3rd! Interviews will take place The week of February 6th!

Descriptions of the executive positions are as follows:

VP Corporate Relations

JDC West has some of the strongest relationships with the business community of any event in Canada. The VP Corporate Relations will be in charge of seeking out, developing, and maintaining these relationships. Confidence, persistence and strong interpersonal skills are essential for the position. A large part of the position will involve writing and presenting sponsorship proposals to prospective companies. Total sponsorship targets are the highest of any event in Sauder history. Previous experience working in sponsorship is not required but will be considered an asset. Persuasive writing skills and sales experience would also be considered assets. Overall we are looking for an energetic individual who is excited about representing JDC West to the community and creating relationships with businesses and individuals.

VP Finance

The budget and all spending of JDC West go through the VP Finance. The VP Finance should be a detail-oriented person who is very organized. Knowledge and comfort with excel is required as this position will require maintaining large Excel worksheets. Good communication skills are needed as the VP Finance must be in constant communication with all other members of the team and must be confident and persistent in creating accountability on their spending. Previous work in budgeting would be considered an asset. Staying on budget is absolutely essential to JDC West and we are looking for a responsible individual who can properly allocate finances and make the event a success.

VP Marketing

JDC West is an event that reaches student and businesses not just in Vancouver but across all of Canada. The VP Marketing is in charge of branding and marketing the event to the largest possible audience. Their role will include online marketing through Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, and the JDC West Website; coordinating traditional media coverage, and creating promotional materials. The VP Marketing should be confident in talking to and dealing with representatives of the community and comfortable working and coordinating with other team members to ensure consistency of message. We are looking for an individual who is creative and passionate about expanding the JDC West brand.

VP Social

The Social competition is an event unique to JDC West. It is an “Amazing Race” type set of challenges set up for competitors throughout the weekend. The VP Social will be in charge of creating and operating this competition. Creativity and thinking outside the box are probably the attributes most needed for this position however a strong organizational skill set will also be highly beneficial.  The challenges will take place across the campus and in some cases across the city so this role will involve collaborating and working with many different parties. Previous event planning experience is an asset but not needed. We are looking for an individual who can not only create the craziest most insane challenges but also make sure that they run smoothly and on time throughout the weekend.

VP Athletics

During the JDC West weekend there is a large athletic competition on each day. The 2013 athletic events are netball and badminton. Knowledge of these specific sports is beneficial but not strictly necessary. The VP Athletics will be given broad responsibility on organizing the athletics by setting rules, scheduling games, and organizing most logistics relating to the sporting events. The VP Athletics should have knowledge of and experience in sports tournaments. Previous experience organizing sporting events or other event planning is an asset but not required. This position will require the ability to both collaborate with other team members and work individually with little supervision.  We are looking for an organized person who is interested in creating an outstanding JDC West athletic competition.

VP Logistics

Sauder will host its largest event ever, in terms of size, scope, and logistics, in 2013.  JDC West invites over 650 students to its three day competition featuring four main competition components: academics, social, athletics, and debate.  Coordinating all the various pieces of the JDC West puzzle: from hotels, to transportation, to competition schedules, is no small feat. Meticulous attention to detail is required.  This position will require the ability to work with all members of the team especially with the Internal Co-Chair to plan a flawless weekend.  Past experience with logistics and event planning is an asset.

VP Hotel Relations

JDC West is a three day, three night competition.  The hotel is very involved with the JDC West event.  From guest rooms, to hospitality suites (aka. Large night-time parties), to catering breakfast and dinner, the hotel plays an integral role in JDC West.  This position is two-fold: 1) work with the Internal Co-Chair to negotiate the remainder of Credit CardsCredit card donation transactions on the Citizen defensive driving courses website are provided by Kintera. the hotel contract and 2) plan out the logistics of the hotel requirements for the entire JDC West weekend.  This position will be working closely with the Internal Co-Chair.  The VP Hotel Relations should be confident in communicating with various members from the hotel group.  Good communication skills and strong interpersonal skills are key.

VP Day Events

JDC West starts with a bang and doesn’t stop being high energy until long after its end.  The VP Day Events ensures that all the events throughout the weekend are a blast and run smoothly.  Highlights of the VP Day Events will revolve around planning the Buffer Zone, Opening Ceremonies, Educational Resource Centre, and general full day logistics.  The VP Day Events will work closely with the VP Logistics to ensure that there is good flow to the weekend’s events.  Strong attention to detail, ability to negotiation contracts with venues, and past event planning experience is an asset.

VP Night Events

JDC West is a three day, three night event.  There are two night events and one gala.  The VP Night Events will be in charge of the planning and executing of the two night events.  Night events give a chance for delegates to come together for some well-deserved social time after a day of competition.  The VP Night Events position will work closely with venues, caterers, AV crew, and the Internal Co-Chair.  Good communication skills, negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, and a passion for throwing awesome parties are required.  People who not only love to party but also love the logistics behind the party are encouraged to apply.

VP Gala

JDC West starts with a bang and ends with a boom.  The Awards Night Ceremony is the capstone of the JDC West weekend.  The position of the VP Gala allows the individual to be the heart of the Awards Ceremony.  This position requires skills such as great attention to detail, a passion of logistics, and an eye for how to throw a great party.  Strong communication skills, interpersonal skills, and ability to negotiation contracts with venues and catering are required.  Past experience with large scale event planning is an asset.

VP Academic

Over 330 students from across Western Canada will be joining us at JDC West 2013 to put their minds to the test for the academic portion of the competition.  The academic portion features 10 case topics, each with a 3 hour case, solved by 3 person teams.  The VP Academic will work closely with the two co-chairs to source all the cases and plan the competition format and logistics.  Candidates with past case competition experience is a must.  Strong attention to detail is an asset.

VP Debate

One of the most unique features of JDC West is the debate portion of the competition.  The debate structure is a tradition parliamentary debate with two teams of four members each acting as side Government and side Opposition respectfully.  The VP Debate position will work closely with the Internal Co-Chair to determine the topics for the various rounds of debate, help seek out an appropriate Speaker of the House, and plan the logistics of the day-of events.  Candidates with a passion for public speaking and past debate experience are recommended to apply.

VP Human Resources

It takes a strong organizing committee supplemented with over 240 volunteers to make JDC West a success.  The VP HR will be in charge of seeking out friendly and helpful volunteers, creating a hiring process to officially bring them on board, and creating training programs to ensure that they’re ready for the busy weekend.  The VP HR will work closely with the VP Logistics to determine the volunteer requirements for the weekend and to properly allocate volunteers.  Strong interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and tem management skills are required.