Introducing: The AMS Corner

Welcome back Sauderites! 

We hope that you have had a restful break these past couple of weeks.

As you may or may not have seen, there is a new page on the lovely new CUS Website – the AMS Corner! 

If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here  

This page was created to serve as a channel for communication between the AMS, the CUS and students. We (the AMS Representatives) saw a need for more communication amongst the student bodies and wanted to expose students to as many resources as possible.

It is our hope that from now on and into the future, the page will serve as a point of contact and reference for you. To help facilitate this, here are some things that you can expect to find:

  1. AMS Meeting Minutes and Recaps AMS Council Meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis on Wednesdays at 6pm in the Student Nest (Michael Kingsmill Forum) – meetings are open to the public so drop by in person to listen in and enjoy some free food! If you can’t make it however, fear not as we will be posting recaps every Saturday on weeks where AMS meetings take place; highlighting the most important parts for your benefit.
  2. Information on Featured Events and Opportunities When special events and opportunities from the AMS Arise, be sure to check the AMS corner for regularly updated information. Our goal is to keep you as updated as possible, in order to maximize your opportunities for exploration on ca
  3. International Students Tuition Increase: News, Follow-Ups, and Resources Given the large impact of this particular occurrence, a full recap and follow-up of the tuition increases will be provided; summarizing the chronicle of events from the time of the announcements. The article will be complete with links to relevant information and resources. To be published in late January.
  4. Weekly AMS Corner Blog Posts Every Saturday you may expect a post from us, these posts will range from meeting recaps to event features – also see the AMS Corner at the bottom of your CUSundays for links to the posts!
  5. AMS Representative Contact Information And finally we, the AMS Reps, will be available to contact via email at or For in person inquiries, Katherine will be in the CUS Office every Monday from 11:00am – 2:00pm Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime, we would love to talk!

With the launch of the new CUS website and the flurry of commerce related events happening this week, we’re incredibly excited to be back (hopefully you are too!) –  we hope that you found this intro somewhat helpful, and are looking forward to serving you! Welcome to the AMS Corner. Cheers from your AMS Representatives, Katherine and Lisa