Internal Audit Committee


The CUS Internal Audit Committee is intended to serve as a task force in assessing and realigning the UBC Commerce Undergraduate Society’s existing offerings and operations. The committee will be responsible for developing an improved framework to assess value creation for students, providing a consultative process for constituents to assess the needs of the student body, and provide tangible recommendations to the 2019/20 CUS Board of Directors with regards to changes in the CUS’ offerings at a student service level.

Deliverables for the Internal Audit for the 2018/19 year are as follows:

  1. CUS Community Pulse Survey
  2. 2018/19 Internal Audit Report, complete with recommendations for the 2019/10 CUS Board of Directors

Formation of the Internal Audit Committee

In order to complete the audit, an ad-hoc committee needs to be formed. This outline serves to provide information to constituents interested in becoming a member-at-large. Members of the Internal Audit Committee will take part in implementing the three stages of the process,

including the development of an improved framework, conducting student consultations, as well as consolidating and presenting the resulting recommendations to future CUS Board Members.

Given the scope and nature of the committee, the time commitment will be approximately 3-5 hours a week, with committee meetings often occurring on a bi-weekly basis.

Committee Membership

  • 2 Members from the CUS Executive Council
  • 2 Members from the CUS Board of Directors
  • 2 Members-at-Large
  • The CUS Ombudsperson
  • The CUS President
  • The Chairperson of the CUS Board of Directors

All members of the committee with the exclusion of the CUS Ombudsperson will be voting members. Terms of appointment will last until April 1st, 2019 whereby positions will be up for re-appointment.


A tentative timeline is included below to provide an overview of what to expect throughout the consultation process:

  1. Committee Formation – June 19th, 2018
  2. Development Period – July – September 2018
  3. Consultations and Data Collection – September – January 2018
      • Community Pulse Survey – September 2018
      • Interviews with Services and Stakeholders – October – January 2018
      • Event Feedback – Ongoing
  4. Consolidation of Information – February – March 2018
  5. Report Building + Presentations – March – April 2018

Getting Involved as a Member-at-Large

To be involved in the Internal Audit as a Committee Member, please attend the CUS Board Meeting in HA 337 on June 19th at 6:30PM. Committee membership will be appointed by the board of directors through a vote/election process. If more than two candidates are present, an elections process will take place requiring a 1-minute speech from each candidate.

The Chairperson of the committee shall be elected by the CUS Board of Directors, whereas the Vice-Chairperson shall be elected by the existing committee membership.

For more information on committee appointments, please visit the CUS the Code of Procedures