Important Nomination Notice for CUS Elections_First Year Rep

Nomination Deadline Notice

I’d like to remind everyone that the CUS First Year Representative nomination deadline is coming up this Thursday, Sept 16.2010 @ 12pm.

All nomination documentation in the hard copy format (4 items: nomination form, all candidates’ agreement form, 150 word write up, photo) will be handed in to the CUS office, Birmingham E192. Please slide your forms under the door quietly, and try not to interrupt if there is meeting inside the office. =) Note: for the 150 word write up and photo. Please print them on one single page. (Your own preference of format)

The soft copy of the write up and photo (no forms in this case) need to be emailed to me, before 12pm on Sept 16.

It is highly recommended that you read all the FAQ on, to follow atoledo all the official updates.

On the same day of the nomination deadline which is the Sept 16th, you would receive a call or email from us to confirm as to whether you would be running as a candidate in this election. (3pm-5pm)

On Sept 16th @ 7pm, we will be having a mandatory All-Candidates Meeting which should be less than one hour long @ Birmingham 195. If you are planning to run, please arrive on time with your laptop. =) Rest of the info will be given during the meeting.

Just a heads up, all incomplete or late forms will not be accepted, and will result in an automatic withdrawal from candidacy. So hand in your forms early as we will be collecting them daily.


Jenny Zhou =)


Please don’t hesitate to contact Jenny Zhou, Elections Officer via if you have any questions.