How to Register for Sauder Grad Night 2014

Registration Procedure:

1) Gather your friends and assemble a table of 10 people. Then, each member will pay for their ticket through Rezgo (link will be provided)

2) Assign a member to be the Table Captain and he/she will email with the following information of each member, including their own:
✔ First and last name
✔ Email

(You must sign up in a table of 10. No table will be guaranteed until every member of the 10 person table pays through Rezgo. Credit cards will be the only form of payment)

3) Once we have confirmed that ALL 10 people at your table have paid, a personal Eventbrite link will be sent to your table members to input meal choices and register themselves in the table.



For those of you that are finding it difficult to fill up your table, use our Facebook event page to find those extra people! Simply post on the wall the # of people you are looking for to fill up your table! For those looking to join a table, message the people who are looking to fill their table and see if there is room for you and your friends. (Please post a comment after you’ve filled you table so that you don’t get extra messages than you want)