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From its inception over seventy years ago, the Commerce Undergraduate Society has become the largest business school organization in Canada, both in terms of its $1.2 million annual operating budget and its thousands of actively-involved students within the society.


The Commerce Undergraduate Society follows procedures outlined in the Code and Constitution to ensure we operate in a fair and equitable manner for all it’s students. We are committed to releasing Board of Directors and Executive Meeting Minutes to inform the student body of our latest issues, events, committee reports, and approval for Special Project Fundings.


The Commerce Undergraduate Society is run by its 900 volunteers and consists of The Board of Directors, Executive Council, Service Council, and Commissions. Under all CUS Clubs and Services, we have General Committee members which include positions that provide support for all CUS events.

Services &Clubs

The CUS supports its members through a range of services and clubs that cater to personal, professional or academic success.  We house tutoring services, social functions and large-scale conferences that offer insights into possible careers and numerous networking opportunities with industry professionals.