Hola! CUS Yearbook is Now Hiring!


Ready to be a part of history? The CUS Yearbook Committee is looking for passionate and creative individuals to join the team for the 2011-2010 academic year! This is a great opportunity to not only know more about the CUS and Sauder in general, but also to unleash your creativity. Help chronicle some of Sauder’s most memorable moments, because we all know that life at Sauder is nothing but dull!

Flex those creative muscles, rev up your imagination and atoledo hop to it!

Applying is as easy as submitting your resume and cover letter to yearbook@cus.sauder.ubc.ca! We are accepting applications from now until September 23, 11:59 pm. Interviews will be held from September 26-28. Don”t forget to visit our booth at Business Week or contact us for more details!

[Hiring criteria can be found here!]

CUS Yearbook. It”s YOURbook.