Hiring for First Year Committee!

HEY SAUDER!!! My name is Sam Dunner and I am your new First-year Coordinator. This year I hope to organize fun, interesting, and engaging events that appeal to everyone in our class. My aim is to create environments that will provide us with the opportunity to meet one-another and create lasting friendships and networks. BUT, I cannot reach these goals on my own…SO I AM HIRING THE FIRST-YEAR COMMITTEE!!!Are you a first-year Sauderite filled with Sauder Spirit? Interested in planning events throughout the year to enhance the lives of all first year Sauder students? This is a chance for you to take a role and be a leader in our community, while also having fun and gaining valuable experience working with a team.TO APPLY: Please send me a copy of your resume and a cover letter explaining why you are a good fit for the position, what your goals are for your first year at Sauder, and describe an event idea for the first-year committee. Please send this to:   sam.dunner@cus.ca

Deadline to submit your application is THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11 AT 11:59 PM.

Interviews will likely be held on Saturday, October 13.


I hope to see some awesome applications. Thanks!