HIRING Comm 294 Online Tutor

The Commerce Mentorship Program is currently for the position: COMM 294 Online Tutor.

Description of overall responsibilities:

Deliver online tutorials focusing on Managerial cheap Wedding Dresses Accounting (COMM 294) concepts with the use of e-beam and screen-capturing devices; to be posted on internal (UBC) and external video hosting websites.

Key areas of responsibility:

•           Create lesson plans and original material to be used in the online tutorials with the support and approval of the COMM 294 professors, and the CMP VP Academics.

•           Film ~10 minute tutorials that are catered Prom Dresses to the students’ desires/needs as recommended by professors.

•           Review constructive comments and feedback from students and professors alike, and implement feedback to improve future tutorials.

•           Adapt to the use of new technology so that video-recording and editing is no longer cumbersome. Training on the technical aspects of video making will be provided by the CMP and the CLC – please see NOTES section below.

•           Work closely with the VP Academics and COMM 294 professors regarding the structure of the tutorials, and provide input on any areas that could be improved.Robe de bal longue


•           Strong understanding in the course being taught

•           Good organizational and presentation skills

•           Excellent communication skills

•           Comfortable working with technology

•           Video editing skills an asset; otherwise – ability to work with and adapt to new technologies

•           Tutoring experience is an asset

Pay rate: $40 per video

NOTES: This position is relatively new to the CMP and is an area that offers great potential to reach the needs of many First and Second year Sauder students. Due to the experimental nature of the position, please be advised that support and technological help will be consistently provided by the CMP and the CLC. We will also aim to be as flexible as possible pertaining to your comfort levels when video-recording. You will not be asked to show your face in the video tutorials if this is a concern to you.

See here for the complete job description.Robe de bal noire

How to apply: Download and fill out the application form, and submit it to VP Academics at vpacademicscmp@gmail.com with your resume and unofficial transcript to be considered for the position.

Applications are due by February 14, 2012 at 11:59 pm to the vpacademics mailbox.  Interviews will be held on February 16th and 17th, 2012.