[HIRING 2016-2017]: SISA ROUND 1

The long wait is over. SISA is finally hiring its new team for the 2016-2017 academic year!
If you think fountain hopping, uncontrollable laughter, and this emoticon ????  perfectly summarizes you as a human being, then apply today to join the SISA family.

SISA is looking for the following positions:
• 1 VP Finance to handle our reimbursements like no other
• 1-2 VP Marketing(s) who can work PhotoShop/other editing programs and create magic
• 1 Creative Director to snap some awesome pictures and create super swag promotional material
• 2 VP Logistics to throw the best events Sauder has ever seen
• 1 VP Internal to keep us in shape
• 2 VP Externals to get us the best sponsorships and partnerships

For more info, check out the hiring package here.
Submit your application by Tuesday, April 12th, 11:59 PM! * Late entries will not be considered.

Both international and domestic students are encouraged to apply.