[Hiring 2016-2017]: Sauder Sports

Do you love sports? Do you love fitness? Then we need you! The time has come for you to join the

most energetic team in Sauder.


We’re looking to take the fitness movement to the next level by providing more opportunities to

students. We will be hosting awesome events, programs, and socials throughout the year! We are also

here to provide support to fitness enthusiasts and UBC REC teams! If your love for sports is as strong

as your love for Sauder, then apply to join the Sauder Sports team!


Getting involved with this team will provide you with great experiences all while having a blast with

like-minded individuals. There’s no other club like it and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

We are currently looking for 6 passionate individuals to fill the following roles:

  • Vice Chair
  • Vice President Finance
  • Vice President Marketing
  • Vice President External
  • Vice President Visual Media
  • Program Coordinator

How to apply:

1) Find job descriptions here.

2) Submit the following information to Sam Dover at sam.dover@cus.ca:

  •  A one-page resume outlining your most relevant experiences
  • A cover letter describing:
    • Why you want to be involved with Sauder Sports?
    • What you hope to get out of this experience?
    • Why you think you would be an excellent candidate for the position?

Combine them into one PDF document and use the naming convention: Position_Lastname_Firstname.pdf.

*Please also CC: hiring@cus.ca

Please contact the Chair, Sam, at Sam.Dover@cus.ca should you have any questions.

Applications are due Sunday, April 10th @ 11:59PM.

Successful applicants will be contacted about interviews shortly after.

Let’s get some action, Sauder!