[HIRING 2016-2017] POITS

Every other Friday night, stress ridden students flood into CPA Hall with an itch that only a cheap beer or a fruity palm bay can scratch. But who will be there waiting, drinks in hand?

Your Sauder community needs you..

If you’re an outgoing, fun-loving, creative, and somewhat responsible Sauder student looking for an involvement position that is actually FUN, then POITS wants you! Aside from this being better than your normal Friday night plans, you’ll pick up a position you can toss in that empty extracurricular section of your resume and maybe even a skill or two. Skills like: event planning, organization, communication. POITS is a cohesive team that wants to provide a fun environment where their fellow classmates enjoying getting lit.

Do you want to be on that team?

The following positions hiring: 
Vice Chair (1)
Finance Coordinator (1)
Marketing Coordinator (1)
Logistics Team (2)
Engagement Team (4-5)

Read more here.

Applications due by Wednesday April 13th at 11:59pm

Submit the following to Sean Lister at sean.lister@cus.ca:

  • An email with your name and the position(s) you’re applying for in the subject line (ex: Sean Lister – POITS Director)
    • Why do you want to be involved with POITS and what can you personally contribute to the team?
    • Tell me your drink of choice and your wildest/funniest/weirdest adventure, experience, or night out.
    • Attach a one page resume outlining your most relevant experiences.
If you have any questions, feel free to email Sean at sean.lister@cus.ca.