Grad Night 75% Sold Out

Hey Grads!

Grad is 75% SOLD OUT! For those still on the fence, don’t be! Make sure to commit to a table quick! You can register for a table

For those of you that are finding it difficult to fill up your table, use our Facebook event to find those extra people! Simply post on the wall the # many people you are looking for to fill up your table! For those looking to join a table, message the people who are looking to fill their table and see if there is room for you and your friends. (Please post a comment after you’ve filled you table so that you don’t get extra messages than you want)

We have received a few emails asking about when the payment registration will start and whether or not you get to choose your table placement. This email will give you a timeline of everything you need to do until Grad Night on April 2nd.

But first, we want to tell you what you get for your $95.

  • Grad Night Dinner at the Pan Pacific Hotel which is on the waterfront and if you arrive early enough, you’ll have some great opportunities to get amazing pictures of your friends dressed up with amazing scenery. (We will also be providing a Grad Class 2011 backdrop for additional photo opportunities.)
  • An atmosphere filled with the rest of your graduating class and décor that will leave you amazed.
  • A three course dinner involving a choice of three entrees:  ($72 value excluding tax & tip)

o   Maple Cured Sable Fish served on top of Risotto,

o   Charbroiled New York Steak with a Silky Merlot Sauce, served with Whipped Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables, OR

o   Homemade Spinach & Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni with Grilled Vegetables (Vegetarian Option)

o   Starter and Dessert we’ll leave as a surprise

  • A thoughtful memento from the Grad Committee
  • Complimentary Wine throughout dinner
  • Two Complimentary Drink tickets for the bar at the hotel (Good for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages)
  • PRIVATE after Party at Smiley’s Public House (Part of the Donnelly Group) with $5 highballs all night plus one complimentary drink.
  • You get all this plus we will be giving a small donation to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of the Sauder 2011 Grad Class in support of their Daffodil Month Campaign.

That being said, ticket purchases will begin Wednesday, March 9th and close Friday, March 18th. An email will be sent out to your table captains with your registration link and password. As soon as ALL 10 people at that table pay (Reminder, only credit cards will be accepted), we will email your table captain asking them their preference for table placement. Table placement priority will be given on afirst paid, first served basis. We will also do our best to place your table near any other tables that you wish to sit next to.

So here’s your timeline:

March 9th: Payment for Grad Opens

March 18th: Payment for Grad Closes

March 9th-21st: Table placements will be accepted. Passed March 21st, we will place your table for you.

April 2nd, 6pm: Arrive at Sauder Grad Night 2011 at the Pan Pacific Hotel

April 2nd, 10:30pm: Sauder Grad After Party starts at Smiley’s Public House

We look forward to seeing you at Grad Night on April 2nd! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email


Brian Kwok

Grad Night 2011 Chair