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Meetings Summary 2017

Board of Director Meetings

April 14th

All  Year Reps will now be assigned a portfolio to work with throughout the year and specialize on. All service chairs for the Academic, and External portfolios have now been hired. Top 40 Under 40 and Me Inc. conferences are currently being considering for year-long hiatus, due to overlapping interests and a lack of applications for Me Inc. Chairperson. VP finance is currently completing reimbursements and calculating official closing balance to determine target fiscal budget deficit, the current projection of which is $50,000. The CUS will not longer be able to provide business cards to students due to licensing policies of the Sauder and UBC logos. The Sauder Social Committee has also been terminated, and its flagship Ski Trip will now be organized by P.O.I.T.S. In addition, the Connected Mentorship Program has been discontinued due to the overlapping of its objectives with other UGO services.