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Press Releases

As of August 31, 2017, the CUS Vice-President of Finance Andrew Choi has officially resigned from his position on the Executive Council due to personal circumstances. Andrew has been an integral part of the CUS for the past year, and the loss of such a committed and spirited individual is felt throughout the team. On behalf of the CUS, we thank him for his outstanding service to both the CUS and the UBC Sauder Community, and we wish him the best of luck with his future pursuits. The following is a statement from Andrew regarding his time with the CUS:

Meetings Summary 2017

Board of Director Meetings

April 14th

All  Year Reps will now be assigned a portfolio to work with throughout the year and specialize on. All service chairs for the Academic, and External portfolios have now been hired. Top 40 Under 40 and Me Inc. conferences are currently being considering for year-long hiatus, due to overlapping interests and a lack of applications for Me Inc. Chairperson. VP finance is currently completing reimbursements and calculating official closing balance to determine target fiscal budget deficit, the current projection of which is $50,000. The CUS will not longer be able to provide business cards to students due to licensing policies of the Sauder and UBC logos. The Sauder Social Committee has also been terminated, and its flagship Ski Trip will now be organized by P.O.I.T.S. In addition, the Connected Mentorship Program has been discontinued due to the overlapping of its objectives with other UGO services.


June 11th

Proposition of creating IT Steering Committee comprised of Executives and Board of Directors to provide input to overall IT strategy and projects. Executive meetings will now happen every Monday at 6PM; biweekly. Me Inc. is officially cancelled for the upcoming year, CUS Sustainability and Commerce Mentorship Program is currently undergoing re-branding. Annual Ski Trip will remain at Revelstoke, however there will be an $20-$30 increase in price.

October 14th

VP Internal Affairs Phoebe recently facilitated the Clubs Round Table Discussion as part of an initiative to strengthen relations between the CUS and it’s affiliated clubs. President Daphne Tse has contributed by offering to attend CUS affiliated-club meetings and be more accessible to improve processes. In an effort to have more consistency of updates and actionable with board members, an additional Board of Director’s meeting will take place after the Executive Council meeting on the first tuesday of every month. Anyone is welcome to attend! AMS Rep Simran brought up the issue of CLC usage, and how these study spaces in Sauder are often taken up by non-commerce students. However, the CLC is technically a UBC library, therefore this space is available to any UBC Students, but room-bookings can be more monitored to ensure they are allotted to strictly commerce students. Next Board of Director’s meeting to be held November 7th at 6:30PM. Hope to see you all there!