CUS Transparency

Historical Document

The health and safety of our community is and will always remain our top priority. Earlier this year, we released a CUS Broadcast that outlined our commitments on promoting consent culture and respect in our school. One of the commitments include working closely with our CUS Clarify service to improve transparency with our constituents on the CUS’ historical events that relate to sexual misconduct.

We invite you to view the historical document here.

This is a live document as we will continue updating it as we learn more about our history. 

Survivor’s Guide

Navigating the sexual misconduct reporting process through UBC is a topic that many students are unfamiliar with. CUS Clarify recognized how complex the process may be for survivors and/or supporters of survivors, and wanted to create a guide that provided an overview of what reporting through UBC looks like, so that survivors of sexual violence can make the best decision that’s right for them in terms of healing. 
Our Survivor’s Guide has been reviewed and edited with the support of both SVPRO and UBC’s Investigations Office. It contains both on-campus resource information (e.g SVPRO), as well as detailed summaries of the steps involved in reporting sexual misconduct through UBC’s Investigations Office. 
As a service, CUS Clarify’s mission is to help promote a culture of consent and transparency at Sauder, as well as provide meaningful resources and support to survivors. We are thrilled to see the Survivor’s Guide be published, and wanted to take this opportunity to voice that if you have experienced any form of sexual violence, it was not your fault and you are not aloneWe believe you and are here to support you and connect you to resources.








We invite you to view the Survivor’s Guide here.

For questions, feedback, or comments, please contact us anytime or fill out the CUS Anonymous Suggestion Survey.