CUS Committees

CUS Committees

CUS is a vast organization. To ensure that we are addressing all fields of student life, the Society has established committees to oversee and govern different CUS aspects, ranging from academic affairs to relations with faculty and the university. The committees vary in their functions, and most notably, members of the general public can hold seats within these committees and participate in the CUS’s planning and operations. Committees play a crucial role in helping the CUS support all commerce students during their university career.

Academic Committee
The Academic Committee oversees academic advocacy for students by communicating important student opinions to the Undergraduate Office (UGO), Dean’s Office, and several Academic Caucus’.

Budget Oversight Committee
The Budget Oversight Committee (BOC) oversees all major financial planning and approves of decisions impacting the CUS’ plethora of services that affect more than 3800 students. The BOC prioritizes previous years’ data and future forecasts to make financially informed decisions.

Policy and Organizational Development Committee
The Policy and Code Committee oversees the development of the two governing documents in the CUS: The Constitution and the Code of Procedures. This committee is responsible for analyzing the current state of the CUS and developing policies that will support the society’s goals.

Awards and Recognition Committee
The Awards Committee includes CUS members, including the CUS President, Board of Directors individuals, and the Awards & Recognition co-chairs. They are there as the student voice in the awards process, facilitating in the service/club pitches at the end of the year, in addition to ensuring the final awards winners are justified and fair.

Clubs Review Committee
The Clubs Review Committee works on the affiliation of clubs in both May and October. It communicates with club affiliated presidents and ensure that the clubs get the CUS assistance they need. The committee also finalizes commissions and monetary support for clubs while planning and organizing the Clubs Society Kickoff Event.

Building Users Committee
The Building Users Committee communicates with the Sauder building administration to work out ways to better the Henry Angus Building, such as improving cleanliness and projects that make the building more accessible (CUS Lounge, etc).

Commerce Student Initiative Fund
The Commerce Student Initiative Fund (CSIF) is a centralized committee that grants funding to clubs, services, and students who have the goal of directly benefiting UBC Commerce students. It aim to achieve their goal of supporting and encouraging Sauder students to contribute to building a stronger organization that can foster an environment for personal growth by managing a $50,000 budget, in which applicants can apply for funding to initiative events, clubs, or any personal initiatives. Visit the CSIF Page to learn more details.  

Endowment Fund Committee
The Endowment Fund Committee makes recommendations in allocating the CUS Endowment Fund to enhance the BCOM student experience. Being on this committee promotes your creativity in thinking about the impactful ways the CUS can allocate this fund.