Budgets & Reports

The Finance Commission

The CUS Finance Commission is a team of dedicated individuals who work with the Service Council in order to manage, analyze, and report information regarding the financial status of the CUS. Finance Commission oversees the budgeting process, reimbursement system, and the creation of the CUS mid-year and annual reports. The team is comprised of the VP Finance, Associate VP Finance, and several Financial Analysts.

The Annual Report

The UBC Commerce Undergraduate Society provides Sauder undergraduate students with social and professional growth opportunities through more than 30 Service Lines, which constitutes the Service Council. Entirely run by students, each Service Line reaches out to fellow students by hosting conferences, workshops, competitions, or social events. These programs cannot be possible without the hard work and dedication of the CUS Service Council, Executives, and the Board of Directors. We would like to thank them for their valuable contributions. These annual reports are a reflection of each academic year starting in 2009. In these reports, you will find a description of the achievements and challenges for the Service Council. The financial information presented in these reports will allow us to investigate areas of potential improvement and allocate our society’s capital in an effective manner to further enhance the undergraduate experience at Sauder. If you are a Sauder student, we urge you to take advantage of the opportunities provided to you by the CUS, in order to explore your potential and grow your career. If you are interested in being involved, we encourage you to bring your ideas and enthusiasm forward, and help us build a supportive community together.