Global Connect: Sauder Buddies Application

UBC Global Connect: Sauder Buddies, application starts August 3rd

Do you have too much Sauder spirit? Are you in year 2 or above? UBC’s Global Connect is pairing up enthusiastic Sauder students with incoming exchange students of different cultural background for this upcoming school year. Together casino online with their buddies, members will participate in social events Our data recovery deleted files process will not void your original warranty. held by Global Connect, explore casino online fun We offer a full selection of comprehensive urine drug test s for both DOT (Department of Transportation) and non-DOT programs. activities Online Gambling in downtown Vancouver, attend Sauder events, and build lasting relationships with new friends. Sauder buddies are expected to help exchange students transition into the Sauder way of life, making their stay in Vancouver enjoyable, memorable, and welcoming.

To register, visit: