Global Agents

Do you know any fabulous amazing incredibly talented people who’d be interested?

Since its founding, the organization has won accolades for its work, the board of directors have been interviewed on tv, radio and newspaper, and one of the founders, was named a Skoll Scholar by the Skoll World Foundation last year – one of the most prestigious awards given out to social change agents. He has also been asked in the past to speak at an international UN conference on nonprofit fundraising.

What does this mean – that the possibilities are endless for sponsorship, a relatively untouched area for this org. What this also means is that I need some outta this world, rockstar sponsorship ninjas, preferably based in Vancouver, to join the team!

Questions and applications to go to and, please and thank you! Not going to lie, the job posting was a little hastily done so feel free to ping me with q’s. We are looking to fill this spot asap.


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