First Year Rep All Candidates Meeting

The All Candidates Meeting for First Year Reps is September 20th at 7pm in HA 335.

Remember all of the following must to be provided to the CUS Elections Committee prior to the All Candidates Meeting on September 20th at 7pm:

  • A 20+ student endorsement form, signed by fellow first year BCom students, a student can only endorse 1 candidate therefore it’s recommended that you collect more the 20 endorsements in case a student has signed multiple endorsements accidentally.
  • A 150-200 word platform, an autobiography/statement of platform, and a photo (150 x 200, .jpg) should be emailed to the CUS Elections Committee at
  • Signed candidates agreement.

The platform and picture must be sent to before the All Candidates Meeting, the endorsement form and signed candidate agreement must be handed in at the beginning of the All Candidates Meeting.  If any of these are not provided to the CUS Election Committee by September 20th at 7pm you will not be considered to be a 1st Year Rep Candidate.

Information and Forms available on Candidacy Procedures Page.