Executive Night #2: A Night of Direct Dialogue

We hope everyone is having a great new year! Bizzcomm is hosting our first event of 2011, Executive Night #2 : A Night of Direct Dialogue featuring Best Buy Canada Ltd.’s President & Chief Operating Officer Mike Pratt!

The event features a night of direct dialogue. In this 2 hour interactive event, Best Buy Canada Ltd.’s President Mike Pratt will answer all of your questions about leadership, communication and networking in the industry and workplace; he will share his experience with numerous senior positions as well as his successful leadership style & vision. Its a night of direct dialogue between you and the CEO! Whether it’s the secrets of being successful in the business community or what brands he is wearing, he will be open to those to attend! following the interaction period, will be a networking session and dinner.

Date&Time: January 19th,2011 4:30pm-6:30pm
Location: Henry Angus 491/492
Dress Code: Business Casual
Admission: Free for Members, $5 for non-members
Membership is also on sale for $5 for the rest of the school year!

About Best Buy Ltd.

Best Buy is known for its success and presence in the electronic retail and service industry, as well as for its fast-growing and innovative company culture. Best Buy Canada Ltd. currently operates Best Buy and Future Shop among many other brands, and is without a doubt at the top of its industry today. As the president of Best Buy Canada Ltd., Mike Pratt builds and maintains the company’s dual brand strategy and its growth & expansion plans. He also oversees various aspects of operations, sales & marketing, and financing.

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