ExCo 2014/2015 Executive Team Hiring

If you are looking to expand your student involvement, get involved with the CUS, gain budgeting experience by managing a nearly $30,000 operating budget, pursue a general interest in conferences outside of Sauder, or just simply expand your networking circle and broaden your horizons, explore no further! You may be a perfect fit for our team!

External Conferences (ExCo) is a CUS organization that organizes and sponsors Sauder”s involvement in events and conferences around the globe. After a fantastic 2013-2014 cycle, we are looking for an executive team in this academic year.

We are currently hiring for:
– VP Finance
– VP Marketing

Job Descriptions can be found here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_vY_Y9N1bmfdEt0T3VZLTBrUDg&usp=sharing

To apply, you will need:

1) A one-page resume outlining your most relevant experiences
2) A cover letter describing: Why do you want to be involved in ExCo, what makes you an excellent candidate for the position

**Submit as a single pdf file titled Position_FirstName_LastName**

Please send your application to Kelvin Leung at kelvin.leung@cus.ca by 11:59PM on Wednesday, September 17th.