Entrepreneurship@UBC is Hiring!

Entrepreneurship at UBC is currently hiring a student action group to transform the entrepreneurial community on campus.
This includes organizing weekly, monthly and annual events and resources, building relationships between students and
organizations across various faculties, engaging entrepreneurs to provide mentorship to students, and managing a space
where students with a common interest in entrepreneurship can connect.
This is a unique opportunity for students who have a lasting impact on the future of the university.
All Positions
• Attend weekly meetings
• Organize and manage various events
• Represent and Promote e@UBC
Our Values:
• Impact (follow through)
• Continuous improvement
• Passion
• Relationships
• Authenticity
• Challenge
• Integrity
Here are the current positions we’re hiring.
The president will lead the Student Action Group and represent them in the community, and on the E@UBC Advisory
Board. They will also develop relationships with entrepreneurship clubs and interested parties in faculties across campus.
(10 – 15 hours per week)
External Rep:
The External Rep will be responsible for building relationships with the external community and engaging them for
E@UBC Events. They will also provide support to VP Conferences for connecting them with delegates and helping run
Community Manager:
The Community Manager will be responsible for organizing all community events that bring people together on a regular
basis such as weekly socials, periodic BBQs, and other community building events. They will also be responsible for
managing the Action Groups physical meeting space.
Marketing Manager:
The Marketing Manager is responsible for maintaining communication with the E@UBC community at large keeping them
up to date on activities and events. They will also support the Action Group in marketing any and all initiatives.
Conferences and Competitions Manager:
The Conferences and Competitions Manager will be responsible for organizing periodic events that are larger in scale (i.e.
startup weekend, hackathons, etc.) and managing the Student Action Group’s involvement at larger entrepreneurship
events on and off campus.
Academics Manager:
The Academics Manager will build relationships with professors and staff within faculties to help promote courses, events
and offer support for academic classes. They will also be responsible for working with the right people to curate the most
up-to-date and valuable entrepreneurship resources.

Application is due by April 15th!