Enterprize Canada President Hiring

Interested in leading the largest organization and conference in the CUS? Applications for the Enterprize Canada 2010/2011 President are open now!

For anyone interested in the position, attached/posted is the Board of Director”s Vision for Enterprize 2011. It is highly recommended that applicants take this into consideration in building their vision and application for the position.

Also visit enterprizecanada.org to get more information about the organization

Important Dates

  • Hiring for the Enterprize Canada President opens up on Feb 21st.

  • Applications (cover letter and resume) are due casino online at 6pm on Sunday Feb 28th – more information about requirements for the application and interview are listed on the job description.
  • Available to travel to Roundtable 2010 (External Business School Conference in Windsor, Ontario) between March 11th-14th

For more information, please contact:

Download: Enterprize President Job Description

Download: Board of Directors Vision for Enterprize Canada 2011