Design Studio

Are you ready to experience a new way of learning? Be among the first undergraduate students at Sauder to experience an entirely new format of class: a design studio.
This unique course provides students with the skills to conduct design thinking. Design thinking tools and processes, used for decades in industry and manufacturing, offer proven, alternative approaches for managing today’s most challenging business problems. Companies like Accenture, Four Seasons, and GE are using design thinking to make game changing plays in their industries. Part creative ideation, part critical analysis, and part innovative thinking for new ways of using existing information and systems, design thinking will become an essential tool for doing business better. Furthermore, being a part of Design Studio will allow you the opportunity to work with businesses such as Coast Capital, Vancouver Coastal Health, and Concert Properties to use design thinking to solve some of their most challenging problems. 
Come learn more about this amazing opportunity from D.Studio faculty and alumni this Tuesday, the 22nd, at 12:30 in HA 296.