December 2nd AMS Opportunities!


COMMERCE students, recent events in the AMS provide evidence that the AMS needs strong support from students like you. There are a multitude of great entry positions as Members at large open for all students that want to get involved. This is a GREAT way to get involved, especially if you’re in first year or have never gotten involved in student government before.

There will also be an emergency meeting this Sat, Nov. 28th at 5:00pm in the room 206 in the SUB regarding impeaching our current president. For more info check out:

THE POSITIONS starting immediately until September 2010!:

3 Students needed for the External Relations Committee: This committee deals with representing the AMS to external bodies like other student unions, political parties and students at large regarding lobbying. This is a great position if you are interested in politics or learning more about how the UBC administration works.

3 Students needed for the Legislative Procedures Committee: This committee deals with policies and drafting new policies. This is a great great position for anyone interested learning the behind-the-scenes action on politics.

3 Students needed for the Business and Facilities Committee: This committee deals with businesses! This is the ideal position if you want to learn more about running businesses. You will be in charge of making marketing, pricing, renovation and other decisions regarding all AMS businesses.

3 students needed for the Student Life Committee: Looking for new initiatives to get involved in? This committee deals with increasing student engagement and truly helping students get more out of their degree. This is a great and fun committee to start with!

2 students needed for the Chapman Learning Commons/Learning Enhancement Academic Partnership Student Advisory Committee for a term effective immediately and ending March 31st, 2010: This is a joint committee and a great way to network and learn more about the UBC administration.

1 student needed for the University Athletics Council: Another joint committee, but great for students interested in athletics.


Please email me your

1. Name

2. Year/Faculty

3. A short summary of your accomplishments/why you want to sit as a committee member. (This will only be read out if there are more candidates than seats).

OR, show up to the meeting: 6pm, SUB Council Chambers ROOM 206 on WED, Dec 2nd


This is a great opportunity and shouldn’t be missed, especially if you’re not normally the type to get involved!!!

Email me if you have any comments/concerns.