CUS Visual Media Is Hiring Executives & Members!

The CUS Visual Media Team is now hiring!
If you have a passion for photography, graphic design, or film-making and want to be a part of the official documentation team for the CUS, come and join our Visual Media team!

The CUS Visual Media Team plays an important role in communicating Sauder’s many events, conferences, and stories in the form of visual media. Whether it be in the form of photography, video, or digital art, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to chronicle the memorable moments that we all have experienced at Sauder.

No matter what form of Visual Media you pursue, the Visual Media Team is the perfect way for you to put your passion into action while working alongside a group of talented teammates. Apply now for the chance to attend a variety of exciting events and be a part of something completely unique in Sauder!

We are looking for:
1)Assistant Director
4)Creative Director(s)
5)Graphic Artists

Job descriptions are attached below!

Assistant Director

Creative Director(s)

Team Members
All applications must be submitted by April 30th to
Any questions can be directed to the VM Director