CUS Vision 2018-2019 Report and Quarter 1 Financial Report

We strive to work in collaboration with our student body and external stakeholders to enhance the university experience for the Sauder Community. As such, the UBC Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS) is very excited to present to you our vision for the 2018-19 year, and a detailed breakdown of our financial statuses and spending.

The CUS Vision 2018-19 Report outlines the major high level initiatives that we will be focusing on this year. Through our various initiatives, we hope to foster a welcoming and inclusive community here at the UBC Sauder School of Business, facilitate conversations with our student body through transparent and accountable operations, and enhance our services and offerings. The CUS Vision 2018-19 report will have three components: the first part is the current release, with an interim report that will be released as the year progresses, and a year-end report.

           Along with the CUS Vision 2018-19 Report we are also releasing our first quarterly report for 2019, which was highlighted in the Press Release on the CUS Financial Situation. The report includes information on the CUS Budget process, the CUS Budget, a breakdown of the CUS Budget, as well as several financial statements. While reports of such form had been previously employed by the CUS, they had not been developed and updated in the past few years. As part of our renewed commitment, we are hoping to adopt the corporate reporting system, and have quarterly reports released every three months, culminating in the release of an annual report, which will be a summary of all CUS financial activity for the 2018-19 Year.

           While these are major milestones for the CUS, we continue to strive for and welcome feedback on our reports, as well as feedback on how we can provide improve accountability and transparency to our students and other relevant parties.  We invite you to provide input through this form.

For any inquiries regarding the CUS Vision 2018-19 report, please contact Evan Zhou, President, at For any inquiries regarding the CUS Quarterly report, please contact Ajit Joseph, Vice-President, Finance, at

CUS Vision 2018-2019 Report

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Quarter 1 Financial Report

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