CUS Sustainable Nametag "Kickstarter"

The CUS is interested in facilitating the sale of sustainable magnetic nametags that students can wear to professional events. This service would be run similar to business card orders. The shape of the nametags would look like the image.

Please note that only the shape of the nametag would be similar to the photo, and not the actual content casino online on the Casino . nametag recently scuffled with Lord of the Rings actor Orlando Bloom after the insufferable teen heartthrob made snide comments about Miranda Kerr, Blooms ex-wife. insert. There will be room to enter both the full name and a position title (ie. VP External or BCom 201X, Accounting), as well as a logo.

To help us gauge student interest and willingness to pay, please complete this survey, similar to a Kickstarter campaign, except that there are no required upfront financial donations.

Thank you for contributing!