CUS Sustainability – Team Hiring 2019/2020


CUS Sustainability strives to increase the understanding of, commitment to, and practice of sustainability within the Sauder and UBC community. Our award-winning flagship conference, Chasing Sustainability, and other collaborative events throughout the year are just a few ways we achieve this.

We’re looking for passionate individuals who are curious about how Sustainability is integrated into different aspects of business, creative in showcasing what Sustainability means to them, and wants to be part of a supportive team who will help them develop their soft and hard skills. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply!


Each role is designed to be highly impactful: improve your knowledge about sustainability initiatives, have hands-on experiences to organize our flagship conference, host events, and grow your network of business professionals. You will receive flexibility and support to execute your own projects while honing your skills to become a sustainable business leader.


🌱 Conference Co-Chairs (2)
🌱 Corporate Relations Director (3)
🌱 Events Director
🌱 Logistics Director
🌱 Finance Director
🌱 Marketing Director
🌱 Creative Director
🌱 First Year Representative

Click here for the HIRING PACKAGE to learn more about the APPLICATION PROCESS

Please email your application to Chelsea Leong at by Sunday, October 27th at 11:59 pm.

Questions? Email the Sustainability Director, Chelsea, at!

We look forward to reviewing your application!

🌎 Email:
🌎 Instagram: @cusustainability
🌎 Facebook: CUS Sustainability