CUS Sustainability is HIRING a First-Year Representative! (Applications due September 12th)

CUS Sustainability is hiring a First-Year Representative for our 2012-2013 executive team!

CUS (Commerce Undergraduate Society) Sustainability is a committee led by a group of passionate students at the Sauder School of Business. We aim to increase the practice of sustainability at Sauder, and ultimately within society. We strive to educate students on what sustainability means in the context of business, motivate students to integrate sustainability into their professional and personal lives, and use the CUS as a model for how sustainability can be implemented into the operations and strategic thinking of an organization.

We are looking to hire one First-Year Representative for our executive team that will:

– Attend all CUS Sustainability meetings and functions and be an active participant in meetings.
– Proliferate and promote CUS media within their year level.
– Help and aid various CUS Sustainability directors (i.e. Corporate Relations, VP Internal, Conference Co-Chairs, VP Marketing, etc) and work as a functional unit.

1) Read the hiring package here and follow the instructions:

Applications due September 12th at 11:59 pm!