CUS Sustainability is HIRING!


We are Hiring!-4


Have a passion for sustainability, or are interested in learning more? CUS SUSTAINABILITY IS HIRING for the 2017-2018 year! COME, JOIN THE TEAM!

CUS Sustainability strives to increase the understanding of, commitment to, and practice of sustainability within the Sauder community. The annual Chasing Sustainability conference was a HUGE success this past year, and CUS Sustainability hosted several other events that encouraged the social, economical and environmental impacts in business.

We are hiring for the following positions:
2 x Chasing Sustainability Conference Director(s)
2 x Corporate Relations Director(s)
2 x Marketing Director(s)
Operations and Finance Director
External Relations Director
2 x Events Director(s)
2 x Sustainability Seal Director(s)

Application process:

To apply, please submit the following to by April 9th, at 11:59pm. Interviews will be likely held in the following weeks.

Please submit 1 PDF file:

  1. A one-page resume outlining your most relevant experiences
  2. A one-page cover letter describing:
    Why do you want to be involved with CUS Sustainability?
    What experience do you have that will help you in the position you are applying for?
    Why do you think you would be an excellent candidate for the position?
  3. ONLY for Marketing Director position: A portfolio of your recent work, if applicable


In your email, please include your 2 preferred positions.

Please view the entire hiring package here: