UPDATED: CUS Service Council Round 2 Hiring

UPDATE: Please note that there are several positions shown below that will NOT be filled this year. We apologize for any applicants who were in the process of applying for those positions. Please consider alternatives, as we value your interest in the CUS.

Specialize; bring your unique talents to the table

You’re empowered to challenge status quo

Your leadership and passion are the foundations of CUS.

Submit your application to the HR Director, Riki Nakamura, at hrdirector@cus.sauder.ubc.ca by 11:59PM on Friday, March 9th, 2012. Interviews will be conducted between March 14-16th, and will be done by the Executive Council. Email the HR Director for any questions.

VP External Portfolio

Corporate Relations Director (Refer to Round 1)

VP Engagement Portfolio

Second Year Coordinator JD 2012 (No longer available)
Frosh Coordinator (Refer to Round 1)

VP Marketing Portfolio

VP Academic Portfolio

BCC Relationship Manager JD 2012 (No longer available)
JDC West Captain (Refer to Round 1)

VP Internal Portfolio

VP Finance Portfolio