CUS Service Council Involvement Opportunity: Round 1

Application process will follow the same timeline as Service Council Involvement Opportunities Round 2.
It’s your turn to SHAPE the CUS.
The Commerce Undergraduate Society is looking for talented and dedicated individuals to shape the CUS and build a more connected student body. This is your chance to join the Service Council and be a part of the largest undergraduate society in UBC!
We are currently hiring for the following positions under their respected portfolios:
💠[Presidential Portfolio]💠
🔴[VP Academic Portfolio]🔴
🔳[VP Finance Portfolio]🔳
🔷[VP External Portfolio]🔷
⭕[VP Internal Portfolio]⭕
🔺[VP Marketing Portfolio]🔺
🔲[VP Student Engagement Portfolio]🔲
 *We do accept co-applicants for Human Resources Director, Information Technology Director and JDC West Captain
Note: Attendance will be required for Service Council Retreat happening March 17-18th (one overnight stay).
To apply, submit a single PDF document that includes your Resume and Cover Letter, and any relevant document required in the Job Description.
Save the document using the naming convention, Position_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf and send it to CUS Hiring Committee at by SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH AT 6:00PM.
Successful applicants will be contacted by February 26th and interviews will be conducted from February 28th – March 1st. Skype interviews will be permitted.
Should you have any questions about any of the above positions, or the Service Council in general, please direct them to the newly hired Executives or the Hiring Committee.
Best of luck!