CUS Service Council Involvement Opportunities: Round 2



Sauder Health and Wellness

Born in 2015 to improve students’ health and wellbeing, HeWe is a CUS service that hosts fun and engaging health-focused events. They spread the joy of health to empower a life filled with vitality, meaning and happiness. They provide free exam care packages, host monthly HeWe Eats, and more!

Job Description: Sauder Health and Wellness Chair

Sauder Sports

Sauder Sports’ mission is to inspire Sauder students to get healthy and active, helping students take a mental break in the process. They promote and create opportunities for Sauder students to live a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle within a friendly environment.

Job Description: Sauder Sports Chair


Established in 1970, POITS  hosts beer gardens bi-monthly on Fridays where all Commerce students are encouraged to come out and socialize over a couple of cheap pints! Their key service is bringing the faculty together on beer (or Palm Bay) at a time.

Job Description: POITS Chair


Sauder International Students Association

Representing the international students of UBC Sauder, SISA promotes global citizenship and cross-cultural awareness among both international and domestic students. Their flagship events are the Thanksgiving Dinner and Cultural Night.

Job Description: Sauder International Students Association Chair

Sauder Grad Night

Sauder’s Grad Night is a memorable event celebrating the completion of the UBC Sauder undergraduate program. After all those exams, networking sessions and tons of caffeine, reflect and celebrate your time at UBC Sauder with your peers at this event!

Job Description: Grad Night Chair


Operations Coordinator

The Operations Coordinator will be working closely with the Vice-President Internal and Associate Vice-President Internal to manage room bookings, lounge operations, and other student services.

Job Description: Operations Coordinator


CUS Elections Committee

CUS Elections is responsible for orchestrating the electoral process for the Commerce Undergraduate Society. This involves organizing info sessions for students interested in running for positions in the CUS. Before the commencement of the voting period, a forum is held for candidates to speak about their platform.

Job Description: Elections Chair 

CUS Sustainability

CUS Sustainability strives to bridge the gap between business and sustainability. They organize workshops and events to increase the understanding of and commitment to sustainability within the Sauder community.

Job Description: CUS Sustainability Director


Information Technology Director

Responsible for security, enhancements, hosting, content creation, and overall integrity of the Commerce Undergraduate Society’s 23 websites, emails, and IT architecture utilizing cPanel, WebHostManager, MySQL Databases, and phpMyAdmin.

Job Description: Information Technology Director


Business Week (BizWeek)

Business Week (BizWeek) is the biggest annual kickoff event at the Sauder School of Business. Taking place during the second week of September, BizWeek features all of Sauder’s top clubs, conferences, and services for a week-long of fun activities, free food and networking. This year’s BizWeek featured free local artisan icecream Rain or Shine and a free barbecue sponsored by StudentWorks, among those events, there were successful collaborations with various Commerce Undergraduate Society organizations.

Job Description: Business Week Chair


Associate Vice-President, External Affairs

The Associate VP External Affairs is responsible for working with the VP External Affairs in managing and creating business relationships to gather in‐kind and monetary support for CUS sponsored events, services, and conferences.

Job Description Associate Vice-President, External Affairs


The National Strategy Consulting Competition & Conference (NSCC)

The National Strategy Consulting Competition & Conference (NSCC) is a comprehensive opportunity for students across Canada to learn about strategy consulting and network with top industry professionals.

Job Description: NSCC Competition Chair  & NSCC Conference Chair

UBC Imprint

UBC Imprint is the university’s premiere branding conference that focuses on personal and corporate branding. Our vision is to educate attendees on the importance and relevance of branding as it pertains to their studies and landing their dream job. The annual Imprint Conference will bring together both branding concepts through workshops, keynote speeches, panels and case competitions.

Job Description: Imprint Chair



External Conferences

External Conferences provides Sauder students with unique opportunities to attend business conferences based on their interest without heavy financial burdens holding them back. Each year, Sauder students have the opportunity to attend annually hosted conferences worldwide where they engage with industry professionals, experts, and like-minded students. With over 20 listed conferences and countless others that have yet to be discovered, the sky is the limit with ExCO.

Job Description: External Conferences Director


Commerce Mentorship Program

CMP is a professional, non-profit academic program at UBC Sauder with a vision in promoting academic growth and development of all UBC Sauder students. CMP’s tutors are committed to hosting free, high-quality exam review sessions for core commerce courses to help you understand the material and obtain that outstanding GPA!

Job Description: Commerce Mentorship Program Chairperson

Class Liaison

Your in-class student representatives, class liaisons are you go-to people to address any class concerns. They help with the midterm feedback session that occurs after classes have started. You classes will elect a class liaison during the first (or second) week of classes.

Job Description: Class Liaison Director



Yearbook and Prospectus

This committee creates and distributes the annual student Prospectus and yearbook for UBC Sauder students. From designing layouts to touching up photos and polishing write-ups, the end result is a memorable document of the biggest UBC Sauder events throughout the school semesters!

Job Description: Yearbook and Prospectus Editor


CUS Visual Media

CUS Visual Media is the professional documentation crew for Sauder’s Commerce Undergraduate Society and we specialize in providing visual content for all CUS events. Our team provides a stimulating and encouraging environment for the creatively-enthusiastic individuals of Sauder. Our goal is to breed artistry and share our passion for visual media within the Sauder community.

Job Description: Visual Media Director

Campus Ambassador Program

The Campus Ambassador Program (CAP) uses the medium of student-run presentations to attract high caliber students to the Sauder School of Business. Presenting at over fifty high schools across the Lower Mainland, CAP aims to represent Sauder by giving high school students an overview of the endless opportunities present. Since the presentations are student-to-student, it is easier for students to ask questions and for the presenters to generate interest in Sauder, and all it has to offer.

Job Description: Campus Ambassador Program Director