CUS Service Council Hiring: ROUND 1

Service; command respect by serving the student body.
Redefine what it means to be a leader.
Establish yourself. Establish the CUS.

The Commerce Undergraduate Society is currently seeking its next generation of student leaders!

To apply, submit a single PDF document that includes your Resume and Cover Letter. Save the document using the naming convention, Position_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf and submit it to Joanna Lai, CUS Human Resources Director, at by Tuesday, March 3rd at 11:59 pm. Interviews will take between March 9th and March 12th and will be conducted by the Executive Council. Please email the HR Director at should you have any questions.

Positions Available:

PREZ – Administrative Director JD 2015   (Label your file as AD_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf)

PREZ – Human Resources Director JD 2015  (Label your file as HR_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf)

VPA – Associate VP Academic JD 2015  (Label your file as AVPA_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf)

VPA – JDC West Captain JD 2015  (Label your file as JDCW_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf)

VPI – Associate VP Internal JD 2015  (Label your file as AVPI_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf)

VPF – Associate VP Finance JD 2015  (Label your file as AVPF_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf)

VPM – Associate VP Marketing JD 2015  (Label your file as AVPM_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf)

VPX – Corporate Relations Director JD 2015  (Label your file as CRD_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf)