Round 4 Hiring: HeWe

Aloe everyone!!

We are berry excited to announce that HEWE IS HIRING for the 21/22 school pear! 

So pea-pare those amazing food puns and resumes! This is your chance to give back to the Sauder Community and be a part of a grape  team!

Here are the Available Positions:

  • [2] VP Mental Wellness 
  • [2] VP Logistics
  • [2] VP Corporate Relations
  • [1] VP Student Engagement
  • [2] VP Graphic Design
  • [1] VP Internal/Finance  

Here is How to Apple-ly:

  1. Take a look at our 21/22 Executive Hiring Package here:

  2. Email a one-page resume and one-page cover letter with the naming convention Position_LASTNAME_FirstName (Ex: MentalWellness_LEMON_John) to both Co-Chairs, Carissa Wong ( and Megan Yu (

The application dead-lime is April 15th, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT.

We are juice as excited as you are to grow our loaf-ing HeWe Team, so donut hesitate to apply ripe now!