CUS HR Recognition Program – October Winners

The CUS HR Commission recently introduced a new recognition program, targeted at recognizing committees, chairpersons, or executives who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

At this time, I would like to congratulate the winners of our October Recognition Prizes – Jordan Hearne and Alex Chau.
  • Jordan Hearne was nominated for an award by VP Internal, Thea. Throughout the past two months, Jordan has been an invaluable asset to CUS clubs and services alike. Along with coordinating the design and implementation of new business card designs, Jordan has processed a variety of room booking requests and has single-handedly managed the locker booking system. Despite the backlash he faces when he cuts a lock, Jordan always maintains a can-do attitude and goes above and beyond what is expected of him.
  • Alex Chau was nominated for an award by our Chairperson, Cole. Alex’s visual media work has been of some of the highest calibre at Sauder and can be seen in his role as the Creative Director of CUS Visual Media and VP Marketing of Enterprize. The amount of time he has devoted to his roles has been well in excess of what is expected of him and the CUS team is glad to have him on board!
Honourable mentions include:
  • Kelsey Ingham / Selina Ho (nominated by Alex Lam, Imprint Chairperson) – Kelsey and Selina have been maintaining the Imprint Twitter account as a veritable source of marketing news, trends, and interesting information. Their hard work and commitment has been outstanding and they have responded quickly to publish timely and relevant content around the clock.
  • Stephen Ilagan (nominated by Karen Lee, Cavalier Editor in Chief) – Stephen helped the Cavalier secure a printer, edit articles in ridiculously short periods of time, and get everything organized (from Dropbox folders to writer nagging).
  • Lauren Lam (nominated by Michael Yeung, EMP Director) – Realizing that an event was going over budget, Lauren bargained for price reductions by maintaining consistent and effective communication with Fairmont representatives and the CUS Finance Commission. Without her persistence, the EMP Kick-off Breakfast may have been cancelled.
  • Jason Cheung (nominated by Enrique Ciurlizza Parro) – Jason makes himself available to the Finance Commission at all times of the day and answers texts or calls at 1 AM or 1 PM, even if there is a lot on his plate.
The HR Commission thanks all service council members for their continued hardwork and we look forward to recognizing more great individuals at the end of November.
Contact today and find out how you can recognize your colleagues!