CUS HR Recognition Program – November and December Winners

The CUS HR Commission strives to recognize committees, chairpersons, and executives who go above and beyond the call of duty for their service.

For the month of November and December, we are proud to recognize Vanessa Lau (Associate VP Marketing) and Michael So (Competition Officer, Enterprize), both of whom have made tangible, invaluable, and significant contributions to the CUS.
  • Vanessa Lau was nominated by our VP Marketing, Ben Chen. Vanessa has been an all-star in the Marketing portfolio since the day she was hired. As the Associate VP Marketing, she has taken control of the CUS Facebook, Twitter, Digital Signage, Calendar, and Poster Boards. She has also taken the initiative to start the CUS’ Instagram account (@CUSOnline). Vanessa has won a $15 iTunes Gift Card!
  • Michael So was nominated by Joyce Li, the Administrative Director of Enterprize. As a newly hired Competition Officer, Michael has demonstrated an amazing work ethic and dedication to Enterprize. He has supported his team members on a consistent basis, produced on-time and high-quality deliverables, and gone above and beyond his job description to ensure that the competition portfolio is the best that it can be. For his efforts, Michael has won a $15 Dairy Queen Gift Card.
Honourable mentions include:
  • James Li (nominated by Paul Dhaliwal, CR Manager) – James was tasked with MC-ing at and cold-calling dozens of firms for the Commerce Community Breakfast.  This was done alongside his normal duties which require him to manage sponsor relations with 2 our Big 4 sponsors.
  • Kevin Lu (nominated by Terrence Cadloan, ISAS Director) – Kevin was in charge of booking security staff and venues for the Fifty Shades of Black and White Party. He willingly offered to front deposits with his own cash.
  • Asad Ali (nominated by Terrence Cadloan, ISAS Director) – Asad voluntarily printed 150 flyers for an ISAS event and posted them in the SUB, Irving, and CPA Hall, all without being asked!
  • Toby Kwan (nominated by Katrina Ma, Co-President of Enterprize) – Toby has consistently demonstrated a positive work ethic, enthusiasm, and dedication in her role as VP Conference. From staying up until 4 in the morning to simply tackling obstacles head-on and without hesitation, it’s like Toby has been organizing conferences since she was born. Her strong leadership, evident talent, and knack for details will make Enterprize 2014 the best Enterprize Conference yet.
The HR Commission thanks all service council members for their continued hardwork and we look forward to recognizing more great individuals at the end of January.
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