CUS HR Recognition Program – January-March Winners

The CUS HR Commission strives to recognize committees, chairpersons, and executives who go above and beyond the call of duty for their service.

For the months of January-March, we are proud to recognize Adrienne (External Relations Coordinator, Executive Mentorship Program), Casey (Elections Chair), and Ram (Director, P.O.I.T.S) all of whom have made tangible, invaluable, and significant contributions to the CUS.
  • Adrienne was nominated by Tiffany, EMP Co-Director. Adrienne has graciously taken on the role of VP Events in her teammates’ absence. She has helped to organize and coordinate two of the team’s major events and has maintained consistent communication with vendors, venues, and members of the CUS to ensure that events are properly and efficiently executed.
  • Ram was nominated by Kelly, Sauder Sports Director. Ram has gone above and beyond with POITS this year. He has restored POITS to its former glory and done a great job in promoting a sense of community. Every event he has planned has sold out and his hard work, passion, and dedication deserves to be recognized!
  • Casey was nominated by Cole, Senator and Thea, VP Internal. When Casey applied to be Elections Chair, he expected to run 2 elections – one in September and one in January.  Instead, he ended up running an election in September for both first-year rep and President, a by-election for a controversial referendum question in November, and without too much of a break, the full-scale election for next year’s Board. Casey approaches each election with a positive attitude and enthusiasm and he stepped up to handle reimbursements when his treasurer resigned to run in the election! This year’s fourth-year rep was one of the most contested in recent history! Casey did an amazing job and deserves to be recognized!
Honourable mentions include:
  • Fred (VP Internal, CUS Sustainability – nominated by Connie, Co-Chair of CUS Sustainability) –  Fred has spent hours, each week, working on small administrative tasks. He has been constantly contacting the AMS and other UBC groups to check on the status of payments and has done all this with a very positive attitude!
  • Tique (VP Community, Enterprize – nominated by Katrina, Co-Chair of Enterprize) – Tique has been a super star since day 1. Her positive energy is contagious and she has always brought her best foot forward to support the team. From organizing a very successful first-year mix and mingle event to handing out cotton candy in the CPA Hall, Tique is an initiator and she can’t stop, won’t stop.
The HR Commission thanks all service council members for their continued hardwork and we look forward to recognizing more great individuals next year!