CUS First Year Committee Chair Hiring


If you want your first year experience to include memories of:
✔️ Meeting new people
✔️ Leading a team of your Sauder classmates
✔️ Organizing fun and engaging first year-specific events
✔️ Strengthening the Sauder community with your fellow Committee and (soon-to-be-elected) First Year Reps
✔️ Gaining confidence in your leadership and communication skills

Apply to be the 2018-19 CUS First Year Committee Chair!

Details for this opportunity can be found here


[HOW TO APPLY] To apply, submit a single PDF document that includes your resume and cover letter.
Save the file using the naming convention: FYC_Chair_Lastname_Firstname.pdf.

Deadline to apply: Thurs, Sept 20 at 9:00 PM. Late applications will not be considered.
Interviews for successful candidates will take place on Mon, Sept 24 and Tues, Sept 25.


[QUESTIONS] Should you have any questions about the CUS or role, please direct them to:

CUS Hiring Committee:, or
Maggie Yip, VP Student Engagement: