CUS External Conferences is Hiring!

CUS External Conferences (ExCo) provides an opportunity for Sauder students to explore conferences outside of Vancouver—across the globe!—with a 50% reimbursement policy on conference, accommodation, and even air fare!

We are here to provide Sauder students the opportunity to gain valuable skills and expand both their network and knowledge.

This past year, we have sent almost 70 Sauder students to conferences hosted by institutions such as Harvard, Queens, Columbia, and the University of Toronto. (for a full list click here) .  We encourage students to travel the world and learn from the brilliant minds of professionals, those invited to speak at conferences abroad.

And now, we”re looking for a young, bright, and vibrant executive team!

Positions we have available are:
1) VP Finance
2) VP Marketing
3) VP Internal
4) HR and Recruitment Director
5) IT and E-Marketing Director

**Please download the download free game for girls cooking recruitment package below and submit…

1. Cover letter
— consisting of (a) relevant skills (b) your value to the organization -and- (c) your vision for the selected role

2. Resume

Recruitment Package:

A brief hiring package has been put together to help guide you through the application process, summarizing what ExCo is about, what the vision for the upcoming year is, and a general indication on what the roles of these executive positions entail.  Click here to view the ExCo 2011 Hiring Package.

Facebook — Join the Event!:
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For more information:

The CUS External Conferences website can be found at

Deadline: April 10, 2011 at 11:59pm SHARP!

Please email applications to Carolyn Khoo at

Have a fantastic day, and I hope to hear from you soon!

If you have any further inquiries, contact Carolyn at the mentioned email address.