CUS Broadcast – Flurrish and CUSavings Update

Dear Students, 

We thank you for your continued patience for the long-awaited launch of the Flurrish app – Sauder’s virtual community platform. Due to unforeseen obstacles, we had to push back the launch of Flurrish – we apologize for the delay. However, we are still extremely excited about this platform and look forward to the value it will bring to you and our community during this online school year.

CUSavings is officially available now at! As Flurrish is still developing, we would like to provide you with more information about CUSavings in the meantime. CUSavings is a student benefits program, exclusive to Sauder students. We have partnered up with the following local businesses for you to enjoy discounts and other benefits: 

  1. Indochino – made-to-measure, affordable suits and business apparel
  2. Herbaland – delicious, sustainable, and nutritious gummies
  3. Storagehotel – #1 storage service with an efficient and secure system
  4. Susgrainable – sustainable baked goods made with a healthy flour alternative
  5. Bea & Bee YVR Breads – local home-made bakery specializing in Hokkaido milk bread
  6. Fiora – high-quality wireless phone chargers for desks and cars
  7. Mala the Brand – sustainable soy candle shop
  8. Kung Fu Tea Vancouver – authentic bubble tea with ingredients from Taiwan
  9. Bombay Masala – fine and affordable Indian cuisine restaurant near UBC
  10. Copy Smart – fast, high-quality printing service located near UBC

There will be many more to come. To let us know which businesses you want us to partner with, please fill out this form. All your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

We understand students pay student fees each year and may not exactly see where these are going towards, especially to students who are not as inclined to attend CUS organized events or conferences. We hope to provide value to all students and we hope that CUSavings will provide you with value and joy. 

Once Flurrish launches, CUSavings will be transferred onto the platform and discounts will be exclusively offered through Flurrish. Please follow instructions carefully when making purchases at our partner locations to receive your benefits.

Thank you for reading this issue of the CUS Broadcast. We understand there are many changes that have been put in place. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Vice President of External Affairs, Eric Wu at or fill out our Online Suggestion Box.

In case you missed our first broadcast, the CUS Broadcast was created for us to share important information with you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the broadcast, we hope to provide greater transparency for who we are as an Undergraduate Society and the inner workings of the CUS. For more information and to read other CUS Broadcast issues, please visit us at