CUS Broadcast – CUSafety, Article 13, History Document

In our Transparency and Consent Culture issue back in August, we promised to better educate ourselves, promote transparency of the CUS’ history, and implement new policies to further establish a culture of consent at UBC Sauder. Since then, we have made significant progress on these action items and would like to share them with you today. 


Article 13 was revised in the CUS Code of Procedures in order to improve general event safety, introduce policies for online event conduct, and promote a culture of consent in all actions that we take as a society. In this revision, we have also updated our Indigenous Reconciliation and Event Accessibility policies as we continue to strive towards our goals in inclusion & diversity and creating meaningful change around Indigenous Reconciliation and discrimination. 

We have collaborated with the Sexual Violence Prevention Response Office (SVPRO), Investigations Office (IO), and Sexual Assault Support Center (SASC) to gain an informed understanding of how to best implement Consent Culture at Sauder. CUSafety is a part of our implementation plan for the aforementioned revision of Article 13. Through this initiative, we aim to educate all CUS members on the importance of creating a culture of consent and provide necessary training for our student leaders to do so. 


The History Document is prepared to highlight the past events that have happened at Sauder and to provide transparency with the resolution of issues. We hope to continue this conversation with you as we seek to better establish a culture of consent at Sauder.  

Thank you for reading this issue of the CUS Broadcast. We understand there are many changes that have been put in place. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Vice President of the External Affairs, Eric Wu at or fill out our Online Suggestion Box.   

In case you missed our first broadcast, the CUS Broadcast was created for us to share important information with you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the broadcast, we hope to provide greater transparency for who we are as an Undergraduate Society and the inner workings of the CUS. For more information and to read other CUS Broadcast issues, please visit us at