CUS Board of Directors Presents: MGM

Sing it to us how it is…literally. Because we care!

The MGM will be happening again on the last day of school (Friday December 4th 1:00pm – 2:00pm) and there are 3 main components:

1) The MGM: discussing what has been accomplished by the CUS Board of Directors this past semester/what is being planned for next semester, and what your opinions are on it.

2) FREE SUSHI 2 large platters from Tokyo One’s (like at Sauder Speed dating!).

We will also be providing some complimentary catered food from Enigma Restaurant!

3) Karaoke. What else needs to be said, show off your talent and get rewarded.

Interesting discussions we will be bringing up:

If we got Apple’s CEO Steve Jobbs to speak at Sauder for an hour how much would you value that and would you go?

What are your thoughts on the new building Sauder will have in the new year and are you aware of how big the project actually is.

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