CUS 2020/2021 HIRING – ROUND 4

The CUS is looking to hire talented and dedicated individuals to join the team. Once hired, these individuals will be supporting some of the most important projects and initiatives throughout the year that directly impacts the student body.

Leave your legacy at Sauder through the CUS! There’s no better way to make a difference than through Canada’s largest undergraduate student-led business organization.

Job Descriptions

*Note: You may choose to apply as co-chairs and co-directors for the respective chair and director positions below – please submit the applications in one file.

Presidential Portfolio
HR Generalist
IT Associate

Academic Portfolio
JDC Junior Development Chair

External Portfolio
Executive Mentorship Program Director

Finance Portfolio
Financial Analyst

Marketing Portfolio
Creative Marketing Director

Student Engagement Portfolio
Associate Vice President, Student Engagement
BUCS Representative
Grad Night Chair

To apply, submit a single PDF document that includes your resume, cover letter, and any supplemental documents. Save the document using the naming convention Position_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf and submit it to by: Thursday, March 26th at 9:00 PM.
Given the current situation regarding COVID-19, interviews will be conducted online.