Connected is Hiring!

Are you looking to give back to your Sauder community? Does the challenge of starting an organization from scratch excite you? Come join the executive team of Connected: A peer mentorship program brought to you in collaboration by our Dean’s office and the CUS.

Check out the positions available below:

Internal Champion

Please send your resume and cover letter to the Connected director

Application deadline: October 22, 2015, 11:59 p.m. PST

More information about Connected:

What is Connected exactly?

We are a brand new program that aims to provide a platform where student leaders can interact and collaborate with one another.

How are we going to do that?

We will choose up to 50 senior students from BCom, MM, DAP and the MBA programs who want to take on a leading role in further developing Sauder’s culture and their younger peers. With the Dean’s office leading the way, we will provide these leaders with leadership tools to prepare them for this role.

Through Slack, We will use an online platform to connect our younger members (up to 200) with these student mentors. Every month, excluding when exams, we will facilitate conversation and events around topics and challenges relevant to our community. As of now, these topics are:

  1. Setting Up for Success – During this month we want our members to add life-hacks to their toolboxes that will make them successful during their Sauder careers.
  2. Networking – Quality over quantity. Everyone can improve their networking abilities.
  3. Finding Your Place- Stress has been identified as a real source of detriment to our community. Before worrying about career direction and academic performance it’s important to find one’s place. We will focus on passions, life balance, mental health and dreams & aspirations.
  4. Ethics – One of the pillars of living a life well-lived and a successful career that is not explored nearly enough. We will create a simulation game for our members that addresses important ethical values and challenges.
  5. Giving Back – Giving back as a community will provide a rewarding bonding experience for our members. Additionally it will contribute to the Sauder brand and most importantly help establish a culture of giving for our members.
  6. Leaving a Legacy – How to make an impact in the world. Members will choose a problem they’re passionate about solving in teams.

What is our Dean’s office involvement?

They will lead the leadership development training for our student mentors and help choose the challenges we will tackle every month. They have provided half of the funding for the program.

What is the CUS’s involvement?

They will help with execution and development of the program. They have provided half of the funding for the program.

Why should you apply ?

We will treat this program like a start up. Taking a lean-startup approach, we will start with the minimum viable product and will build on the program as we go along. In doing so, You will gain unique experiences in further clarifying our mission, gaining insight into our members’ needs and building the program block by block. You will have a hard time finding a role in school where you can build your function of the program (Marketing, Finance, IT, Engagement and Internal) from scratch. If you like the challenges of the unknown, and want to be part of something special, join us.