CMP Hiring Round 3 – VP Academic and VP Finance & Internal!

~Commerce Mentorship Program Is Hiring VP Academic and VP Finance & Internal!~

We are a leader in delivering high quality exam preparation review sessions.

We are passionate about helping students improve their academic performance.

We are committed to personal growth while helping others along the way.

We are the Commerce Mentorship Program.

Currently we are looking for 2 confident, organized and passionate individuals to join our penguin loving family in helping others achieve what they did not think was possible.

We are looking for a mind of aspiration and a heart of appreciation in the following positions:

To apply, submit the following items to the Director, Roy Huang:

  • A one-page resume outlining your most relevant experiences. Save the document in PDF format using the naming convention, Position_LASTNAME_Firstname.pdf and email it to Roy at
  • Complete the application form:

Applications will be accepted until Sunday, October 16th at 11:59pm.

Please contact Roy should you have any additional questions or concerns about the application process.